Three Levels of Formulation Engineers: Ten Commandments and Five Commandments

Three Levels of Formulation Engineers: Ten Commandments and Five Commandments
Three Levels of Formulation Engineers: Ten Commandments and Five Commandments

One warning: too much confidence.

I've been making recipes for N years now and I've got a lot of experience. Making recipes should be easy. Over-confidence (actually vanity caused by lack of self-confidence), often ignoring opinions of others, not very thoughtful consideration of issues, which leads to design defects.

Two commandments: blind plagiarism.

Today, Internet is very developed, and a lot of information and recipes can be obtained from one web page. If you want to save yourself hassle and use it directly, consequences are very serious.

Three commandments: bookishness.

Rubber and plastic formula is a job with weak theory and strong practicality. If you hold on to a book, you cannot get out of circle of book, which makes formula impractical.

Four rules: misuse of information.

Checking information to determine a formula's design idea is a widely used design technique, but discussion in information is a discussion of product author is researching. You must find information that matches your product. be of reference. Otherwise it will result in a detour.

Five commandments: give up practice.

When developing a formula, process feasibility is a very important factor. Only physical properties meet requirements, but process cannot be realized, and this is also a waste formula. The productivity of process depends on first hand. information. That is to train on spot.

The process here is feasible, including granulation, rubber mixing process and molding process.

Six commandments: incorrect text.

Determining purpose of formula development is also a major challenge in formula development. The use of limited testing methods to reflect characteristics of products is a major challenge. Because formula must ultimately be a product, and it is impossible to use a finished product for every test. Some developed formulations have very good physical properties, but product is really unusable and is waste paper.

The Seven Commandments: Don't move.

The practicality of rubber formulation is most difficult task. Constant updating of new materials and new processes is developing very fast.

Budgie: Narrow thinking.

There are many disciplines in formulation technology, and there are many materials to deal with, and there are many paths one can take to achieve same goal. Therefore, recipe engineers need to be broad-minded, gather all aspects of things into your recipe, and make a great recipe.

The Nine Commandments: selfishness.

The formula determines life of product. Formulation workers must have a strong sense of responsibility. Perhaps no one will ask you to further improve product, but you must constantly improve quality of formula and reduce cost Formula There are many things that others cannot understand, and this depends on your own self-awareness.

The Ten Commandments: lack of understanding.

There are many more things to implement yourself. Only by constantly comprehending new things, finding new feelings and keeping sobriety of soul, you will be able to formulate better.

The above is from: lxh0808 Rubber Technology Network

Brother Perseverance summarized five commandments:

One Commandment of Fortitude: Do not be humble and self-assured (the original One and Seven Commandments)

Second Commandments of Fortitude: Don't Try to Use Your Brain (formerly called Second Commandments and Fourth Commandments)

Three Commandments: Ignore practice (previously Three Commandments, Five Commandments, and Six Commandments)

The Four Commandments: misunderstanding (previously Eight Commandments and Ten Commandments)

The Five Commandments: Too Selfish (formerly The Nine Commandments)

Regarding Five Commandments of Perseverance, Brother Fortitude does not try to convince everyone to be Lei Feng, but advises everyone not to "take yourself too seriously" because you should exalt themselves If he disappears, he will absorb too much "god" to protect himself When god disappears, do you still expect to be able to do research and development?

Three areas of activity for recipe engineers:

First level state: see mountains as mountains

The realm of pure thought, theory and art corresponds to two precepts of perseverance;

Second level: mountains are not mountains

The combination of theory and practice, field of strategy, corresponds to three commandments of perseverance;

The Third Kingdom: see a mountain or a mountain

Combining state of mastery, state of Tao, corresponds to four precepts of perseverance.

If you have completed first precept, you can advance to first and second levels, and if you have basically completed five precepts, you can reach third level. But it's really too difficult to keep five precepts, so very few people can actually reach third level.

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