Engaging in research and development means "knowing white and preserving black."

Engaging in research and development means

The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu is one of my favorite books, but unfortunately it doesn't have exceptional talent, so I feel like I can't understand great Lao Tzu. I also can't understand explanations of many commentators.

Engaging in research and development means "knowing white and preserving black."

I am engaged in research and development of thermoplastic elastomers, which can be considered as soft plastic modification and granulation. After 20 years of work, I have some ideas. Next, let me share some ideas on how to conduct research and development in accordance with Laozi's principle of "know white and keep black."

What does it mean to know truth? White is obvious knowledge, including theory, experience, etc. We must be familiar with theory and combine theory with practice to obtain certain experience.

But knowing truth doesn't really matter. For example, our conventional thermoplastic elastomers are mainly composed of plastic, rubber and emollient oil. Then we know that more plastic will be hard, more emollient oil will be soft, and more rubber. will flow. Poor sex, it really is not capable, and it cannot solve research and development problems. Workers in general workshop until their heads are filled, basically know this after working for several months.

So key is to keep black color. What is black? Black and white is not invisible! Of course, some people call it "chaos". So how to keep this "chaos"? Very simply, human mind cannot be used at same time. Since you want to keep "black", then temporarily leave "white", that is, forget what you know as "white". Otherwise, constant "knowing truth" will lead to fact that research and development will come to a standstill. Continuing with example above, if you want to make an elastomer with a very high rubber content and very good fluidity, if you only know that, then you should put your hands up and give up! But if you leave it black, you can step into another world. Is it possible to find rubber with good fluidity? In fact, there are many of them, because "white", known even to workers of shop, is "white" only under certain conditions, and unknown "black" will always exist.

An excerpt from my teacher's book "A Real Man of Wisdom and Emotions":

Lao Tzu explains existence of ontology

After Heidegger read German version of Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching, in his lecture "The Essence of Truth" at turning point in middle, Heidegger deliberately included Lao Tzu's famous saying about "knowing white and keeping black". , unsuccessfully trying to explain connection between noumenon and existence, was forced to remove it from official publication. I came up with these two phrases even though I was filling in for Heidegger before I served Nazis.

Plato's Cave Prisoner

The wall of cave...the body exists

The shadow of wall... an objective phenomenon

I see... emotional subjectivity

Firelight... Rational and subjective

Dancing behind...object

Prisoner facing wall... main body

Knowing its whiteness... light of fire rationally illuminates torch on cave wallexistence

Derlive it in dark...the dark wall of cave where light of fire does not reachMain body

If you don't know about The Prisoner in Plato's Cave, you can find it on Toutiao. Master's explanation is very profound, and I also only have half knowledge, so I use a research paper to explain "knowing white and keeping black" in simple terms. We encourage everyone to progress together!