"Hermes" in floor mats - car mats made of thermoplastic elastomer TPE

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An editor recently took advantage of Double Eleven and Double Twelve discounts to select car floor mats. Before buying, I studied knowledge of car mats on Internet:

There are now dozens of floor mats on market. Here are some of most popular:

1. Leather mats, 2. Wire loop mats, 3. Suede mats, 4. TPE mats, 5. Rubber mats, 6. Solid wood mats

Among them, most sold are leather rugs and silk loop rugs, and price of TPE, which is often six hundred or seven hundred, is prohibitive. In end, due to poverty, I chose ordinary leather floor mats, but after a few days of shopping and research, today I want to talk about TPE floor mats.

"Hermes" in floor mats - car mats made of thermoplastic elastomer TPE

Everyone has their own special emotions for cars, and protection of cars is also different. When it comes to car mats, everyone's original intention is to protect car's interior and make it easier to clean. However, with rise in car prices, people are more and more fond of cars. At first, original floor mats were just to keep out dirt, but now domestic fully enclosed floor mats are popular, and they can't wait to cover entire cabin.

Because there are several common problems in large leather overlays that are common in the domestic market:

"Hermes" in floor mats - car mats made of thermoplastic elastomer TPE

The large surrounding mat is deformed

①The body is too large and easily deformed, which interferes with operation of brake and accelerator and creates a driving hazard!

②The health of material cannot be guaranteed, and some low-priced and low-quality artificial leathers are a serious health hazard!

In European and American markets where car culture is strong, large size leather floor mats have never been popular, and rubber or TPE floor mats are used, including many original car manufacturers who have developed TPE floor mats, such as BMW and Volvo.

TPE floor mats are more environmentally friendly than traditional rubber and leather floor mats. Relatively perfect design, will not stick gas pedal and brake. At same time, it is more convenient to maintain.

Currently, TPE mats are divided into two types: injection molding process and blister printing process:

There are many blister printed TPE floor mats in overseas market, while original car manufacturers use injection molding process. The blister car model development mold cost is about 10,000-20,000, and injection mold car model development mold cost is about 300,000. For what reason, original car factory still insists on choosing injection molding? process under cost difference of more than ten times Woolen fabric?

"Hermes" in floor mats - car mats made of thermoplastic elastomer TPE

Thermoplastic elastomer foot pad

First of all, let's talk about difference between injection molding process and blister process:

1: Differences in raw materials

The injection molding process must be designed with 100% pure TPE material, while blister process is often mixed with TPE compounds such as TPO or TPV and purity of blister is not as good as injection molding in terms of material . Thus, a one-piece footpad made entirely of thermoplastic elastomer will have a more flexible texture, closer to rubber and more pleasant to touch. However, products of blister process are hard, like plastic, and when riding long distances, heels will feel tired.

Tough Brother Note. It is incorrect to say that TPO is often added to plastic absorption process. In fact, TPE of injection molding process can also be alloyed with other elastomers, but plastic absorption process is first stream. The sheet is stretched and then sheet is made into a foot cushion through a blister process. When forming a sheet, several layers may be co-extruded and molded, and these layers may be of different materials.

2: Difference in durability

Injection molded thermoplastic elastomer floor mats are resilient. After being deformed at a later stage of use, it is enough to douse them with boiling water or expose them to sun for a certain period of time to restore their original shape and form. However, blister mats will curl up when used for 1-2 years and cannot be restored.

"Hermes" in floor mats - car mats made of thermoplastic elastomer TPE

Blister pad

Feature difference between them:

The raw material for injection molding process is granulated into injection molding machine and liquefied at high temperature before being molded into a mold. The blister process is to first turn material into a flat sheet and then heat it to soften it and adsorb it into a mold to cool and shape it. It is equivalent to shape of injection molded product itself, while blister product has only one side with molded shape, and its natural recovery is much worse than former. The injection molding process uses a high-tech 10,000 ton injection molding machine, a special two-layer production and injection mold, and a fully automatic assembly line. There is no redundant manual link, and accuracy and conformity of product will be higher. . Accordingly, plastic absorption process is often used in production of tail box pad. Only one-sided special mold is developed, and other side is universal mold. Therefore, accuracy and thickness of product is not as good as injection molding process.

3. Figure Design Differences

The advantage of using a double-layer special injection mold is that surface texture can be designed more abundantly, giving designer more room for creativity. The shape of blister process can only make simple lines that are same.

Currently, there are still relatively few users who choose injection molded TPE floor mats. The main problem is that price is relatively high. The TPE material itself is not expensive. Cost reduction can lead to further increase in sales to reduce product prices and increase in sales will further reduce cost sharing, achieve a positive circle, and gradually turn TPE floor mats into mainstream market. This is also desire of each of our TPE technical engineers!

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