Dispel fog and see truth

Dispel fog and see truth

Letter/Wisdom and emotion

The root of higher root is beneficial to wisdom of many generations, and immediate fruit is realized after a thousand hearings.

The heart of all sentient beings becomes a Buddha through cause and effect.

Name time at moment of dependent origin and separate space from other.

Three times there is no Nianzong, no form, no limit, no abode.

Awareness of moment... like it's not moving, all over place

Awareness at any time... Awareness, thoughtfulness, and passage of time

Similar feeling... different thoughts, relative space

The predetermined situation gives birth to heart, and heart gives birth to me. In my opinion, there are people and rational beings.

Generated from space between others, notion of emptiness and thoughts constantly arises.

Time becomes root of life and life, and time and space become color of name and object.

The six meanings of name and form relate to world and experience, and there is a choice between greed, love, hatred and hatred.

Calligraphy to know and act with heart, pointing directly to hearts of people who seek in vain.

When heart and body are in car, fate cannot follow stream of light.

Dispel fog and see truth

Transcendental time, years of experience, habits are not experiences, but seeds of previous knowledge in a past life, just like time in practice of a non-corresponding mind, experience is nothing but current knowledge of present world, formatted from seeds transcendental knowledge, current time in directory of Consciousness is an absolute river.

Unconscious... metaconsciousness... alaya

Stop... you can see ego... consciousness of manas:

1. Construct... Flow from metaconsciousness

Second, thread... bottom thread represents static... same but changing, changing but same

The third, only... only influx of consciousness

Fourthly, absolutely... content is unified and continuous

Einstein clearly stated that time is an illusion, and parallel universes are also illusions. The various quantum states of decoherence cannot be measured. The quantum state transition cannot be measured, and jump into different parallel universes, and human phantom body is also in different parallel universes. Observation, it's true: no matter observer or object of observation, it's just an illusion in a parallel universe, not only time is an illusion, but and space, quantum, and observers are all illusions, and dependent origin is empty. Like an illusion - a quantum state, sexual emptiness - a quantum leap.

Time = past + present + future

The past is a shadow of fading time

Now time reflects a shadow

The future - time casts shadows

The present is not present, present is outside of time, just as eternal God is outside of time, present is eternal existence of God. When? When you think about it, what is time? Between two in. Therefore, time is time between thoughts, and only when there are thoughts, you can talk about time, and only when there are two thoughts, you can talk about time, time continues, but time between thoughts continues:

Constant thoughts, time drags on.

When awareness arises, it arises, and when awareness ceases, it ceases.

If old thoughts are not born, heart will have no time,

The Eternal Buddha is Eternal Buddha.

Buddha's mind is eternal,

Mind and Buddha are same as present.

Nirvana is peaceful, peaceful, enlightened and aware, not noticing movement. Here's why:

Thinking arises through movement, and it is present through thinking.

The birth and death of thoughts are different, and time scale is different.

The lifespan of world is special, and theory of relativity proves it.

The same division of business depends on report, and past is not the third generation.