Research and development of Sun Tzu "The Art of War" materials: good people are good too, are you most brilliant person?

Research and development of Sun Tzu

The main content of third chapter of Sun Tzu's The Art of War, "Conspiracy," is how to formulate campaign strategies and goals, which is a synergistic relationship with second chapter, "The Battle." The main content of second chapter "Battle" is preparation of budget, in conduct of strategic and operational preparations. There are many arguments about sequence of these two chapters: some say that attack comes first, while others say that battle comes first. I think there is no need to argue, relationship between them is synergistic, goals and preparation are dynamic changes, and different stages need to be adjusted to fit each other. Only original intent remains same, to fight or not to fight is a decision, so "The Beginning" takes first place, so there is no dispute.

In chapter "Mou Gong" there is an important idea, that is, idea of ​​\u200b\u200btotal victory. I think most commentators are being too "mythical" and misinterpreting Sun Tzu's idea of ​​cherishing war as "the absence of war". People who talk fast and don't pay attention to actual fight find excuses for failure. Let's look at source text below:

Sun Tzu said: In law of war, whole country is highest priority, followed by destruction of country; entire army is highest priority, and destruction of army is second; whole army is pinnacle, followed by broken army. That is why winning a hundred battles is not good, but defeating enemy soldiers without a fight is good.

Five perfect and five wrong, from full degree, from good to bad:

National>whole army>whole brigade>whole soldier>whole army

Order from good to bad based on damage

Po Wu>Pawn Po>Po Brigade>Po Army>Po Country

So we need whole country, and our options are Po Corps, Po Pawn, Po Brigade, Po Army;

So, we need whole army, our options: broken army, broken soldiers, broken brigade;

So we need whole brigade, our options are to break army and break pawns;

So we want everyone to be dead and our options don't work;

So we want everything Wu, we don't have any more options!

What does it mean that grandson subdued enemy without a fight? Isn't he fighting? As said above, there are options for whole country, such as break army, break soldiers, break brigade, break army, we can break army and come to whole country. The meaning of Sun Tzu is very clear. The exchange of destruction of lower level for fulfillment of higher. This is real "non-war", and this is kindness of goodness!

What kind of enlightenment do words "everyone wins" and "good people are good" give to research engineers in this section?

①Strategic goals should be lofty and tactical goals should be realistic

For example, we want to make a thermoplastic TPV vulcanizate with best overall performance in industry within 5 years. Ethen our strategic goal, similar to "national". The tactical goal is similar to "all teams". For example, if we want to be first in industry in sales of TPV splicing materials, complexity is relatively small. If we focus on solving problem and invest several times more troops than our peers, victory belongs to us.

Why a strategic goal should be ambitious, because only when goal is ambitious do people get motivation to move forward and there are more opportunities in life; if strategic goal is small, people lose direction and have no options in life." Set it as a strategic goal and life stops!

②The idea of ​​a perfect win is just perfect, forget "complete"

The Chinese scholar-bureaucrat culture especially loves "complete", that which is perfect, that sages do not make mistakes, even Qianlong rewarded himself with a "perfect old man"! But, as they say, “People are not sages and sages, therefore they cannot have shortcomings”, “People have joys and sorrows, and moon has cloudy and sunny periods”, which shows that total victory and perfection are all just ideals. We may yearn for it, but basically we cannot achieve it.

We are developing a brand of thermoplastic elastomer. Usually we can make this grade as suitable as possible for more terminal applications. There is no problem with injection molding and small-scale injection molding, but large-scale thin-wall injection molding is not enough. Then we launched N1000-I series, a high-flow TPV series specially used for injection molding. Therefore, omnipotence (total victory) is just a kind of longing, Under certain conditions, we should try our best to rely on "omnipotence", but we cannot come close, we must find another way!

Why did literati and bureaucrats in past advocate idea of ​​"total victory"? Because these are people who talk but do nothing. They always want to find flaws and problems in what others are doing. , otherwise they will not be able to prove their ability, so, through this "total victory", to prove "imperfection" of others!

③Good ones are good too, keep improving

Good is also commonly translated as "the best of best". Hehe, everyone wants to be smart, no one wants to be stupid, but what is a smart person, is it someone who gives up without a fight? I don't think so, and often it's unrealistic! If a person understands “improvement and improvement” by “goodness of kindness”, and really improves and improves, then this is a truly brilliant person!

If you break 20 "Wu", this is equivalent to breaking 1 "pawn", which can be exchanged for whole brigade;

If you break 5 "pawns", this is equivalent to breaking 1 "brigade", which can be exchanged for an entire army;

And so on, in exchange for whole country!

When starting work, a materials engineer usually thinksthat he is omnipotent, and when after work he encounters problems in a real battle, he feels that nothing can be solved, and becomes discouraged. In fact, they have ideal of "total victory" without insistence on "improving and improving." When faced with problems, they don't know how to break them. It's easy to eliminate 5 people. If you do this 20 times, you will eliminate 100 people. This truth is true for everyone. I know them all, but few can stand, and not many have tenacity, another is to despise "breaking army" and underestimate some small skills, such as some experience in injection molding/extrusion fields For undergraduate and graduate students, they think I have a college degree, so it's easy to despise them, and I'm not willing to ask their advice.

So forget about "total victory", and improve and improve again, you are one who is good!

Research and development of Sun Tzu "The Art of War" materials: good people are good too, are you most brilliant person?

We invite everyone to pay attention to "Brotherly Strength" and discuss modification, molding and application of polymer materials together! Lately, I plan to share some of thoughts combined with research and development of material in process of studying Sun Tzu's Art of War. It may be contrived. I apologize. The goal is only one, to make thermoplastic better elastomeric materials!