Five thousand words of wisdom, emotion and truth

Original / Wisdom and Love

Don't you dare be first to lead, but not to send, higher is good, lower is long.

The three auspicious treasures appear freely, while Tao, on contrary, moves in a circle.

1. Definition of Taoism

Chapter 1

Everything that can be said is not true.

Guy can give definition, but not true meaning.

Heaven and earth become nothing, and everything returns to existence.

There is no Guanyuan, but there is Guanfu.

With or without Guixuan, same body has a different meaning.

It's called Xuantong, wondrous door of refuge.

Chapter Twenty One

One Kong Derong, only way is to follow him.

Vision of Tao as a thing, trance and invisible.

A ghost appears in a trance.

The shadows are fuzzy, shape is developed.

Hidden sprites turn into spirits.

Essence, energy and spirit are empty, and you believe in virtue.

From ancient times to present day, name of letter has been transmitted.

To save sentient beings, that's way it is.

Chapter Twenty-Five

There are mixed, innate things.

Intangible, formless, unique and eternal.

Zhou Xing is not dangerous and is mother of world.

I don't know its name, so I named it Tao.

Strength is called greatness, and greatness is called continuous.

Boundless and endless.

The Tao is big, sky is big, earth is big and people are big.

There are four main areas in a domain, and one of them is habitat.

Man imitates earth, and earth imitates sky.

The sky follows Tao, and Tao follows nature.

Chapter Forty-Two

Tao gives birth to sky, and sky gives birth to earth.

The earth gives birth to three people, and three people give birth to all things.

Everything carries yin and embraces yang, and energy is harmonious.

What untouchables, lonely, and widows hate, that's what king calls himself.

Things are lost for profit, and for profit they are lost.

What people teach, I teach.

In end, crossbow can be used as an example.

Chapter Six

Bose is not born, but black holes exist.

The mother gate of black hole, heaven and earth are born.

Continuous, inexhaustible.

Chapter Fourteen

If you can't see it, it's Yi, and if you can't hear it, it's C.

Touching, not knowing, is called micro, and it cannot be beaked.

There is no light above and no darkness below.

Indefinable, nothing.

A phantom-like image of nothing.

You can't see beginning or end.

Drive an ancient road car to drive a real mother.

From very beginning of knowledge of ancient times, it was called Daogang.

Chapter 4

Dao Yun Wang Yuan, first large pictogram.

The beginning is limitless and endless.

Deciphering with a blunt tip, like light and dust.

Transparent to core, origin unknown.

Chapter Fifteen

DrEvny good Taoist

Subtle and mysterious, deep and incomprehensible.

Because of my ignorance, I can barely describe it.

It's like an elephant crossing a river on ice, and like a monkey, it's afraid of its neighbors.

Introverted and dignified, he let go of his earlier suspicions.

Honest and unpretentious, open and open-minded.

Turbidity disturbs chaos, how to stop haze?

How to keep it clean for a long time?

Move and slowly come to life, keep path and do not overload.

Because we never do more than we can, we can weed out old and create new.

Chapter Five

There is no passion in world, and everything is props.

The wise man loves indiscriminately, and common people are characters.

The void between heaven and earth is like a large bellows.

Emptiness is not depleted;

It is better to remain silent than to be too active.

Chapter Sixteen


Be silent to extreme degree of emptiness.

Everything is free, understand why.

There are many things, each with a different cause.

Attributing name Jing, Jinghui is called destiny.

The return of life is true, knowledge of truth is sanctified.

If you don't know truth, you will practice blindly,

Knowing truth is great, and Da Naigong.

The audience is whole, everything is sky,

Heaven is Tao, and Tao is eternal.

Chapter 2

Beauty recognized by world is no different from ugliness.

What is considered good in world is not good.

There is nothing relative to each other, and complexity is related to each other.

Length refers to shape and height refers to bottom.

The sound is relatively harmonious, and front and back are relatively consistent.

For sake of righteousness, wise man stood and watched.

Be silent to teach, let things go their own way without interfering.

Fate to life without accepting it, follow trend without clinging to it.

If you succeed, you won't live in it, and if you don't live in it, you won't lose anything.

Second, Dao Application Machine

Chapter Forty

Those who oppose movement of Tao and those who are weak use Tao.

All things come from existence, and existence comes from non-existence.

Chapter Fifty-Two

Inaction is beginning of world, and existence is mother of world.

Everything has a mother, and everything has sons.

Knowing that child is returning to mother, nothing threatens body.

Close hole, close door, never get tired.

If you open it and use it, you will never be saved for life.

See truth, cherish soft and call strong.

Use its light to return to its brightness.

It's called returning to truth without leaving body.

Chapter Eleven

Car wheel hub, shaft rotates idling.

Vessel for firing earthenware, empty utensils for use.

Split into a living room and use it as an empty room.

There are benefits for form and benefits, but for tools without actions.

Chapter Seven

Live forever.

Heaven and earth are long, so they can live forever.

This is wise man, last one comes first.

Forgetting your body and keeping your body, you can achieve without yourself.

Chapter Eight

The best kindness is like water, and benefits are not strong.

Everyone is evil, so it almost gets in way.

Water dwells in a good place, and kindness of heart is boundless.

Be kind without digression, be kind and honest.

Do good deeds and do good deeds at right time.

Since there is no decisive action, there is no worry.

Chapter Seventy-Eight

The world is weak, but water can attack strong.

Nothing can win, nothing is easy.

The weak beat strong, and soft beat strong.

The world knows it, but it can't be done.

Criticized by country, he is called head of state.

Shaw's country is auspicious and he is king of world.

Therefore, said wise man, right words are like opposites.

Chapter Ten

Body and mind are one, can't there be separation?

The qi impulse flows gently, is it really a child?

Can dirt be removed after cleaning?

To love people and rule a country, can it be done by force?

If sky is open, can there be no mother?

With a pure heart, is it possible to remain ignorant?

Tao gives rise to morality and animals, but they are born without existence.

Work without persistence, share information without control.

Third, impossible to tell

Chapter Twelve

< p> Five-color blindness, five-tone deafness.

Five flavors are refreshing, and hunter's heart is crazy.

Expensive goods are motivated, so saints rule.

Sincerity is not exaggerated, seek truth.

Chapter Thirteen

You are shocked by favor and humiliation, but fear for your life.

Surprised that he's loved and terrified that he's fallen out of favor.

Why be so afraid, because I'm pregnant.

If I don't have a body, why should I be afraid?

If you live in world, you can send it to world.

Love sky like your body, you can trust world.

Chapter Seventeen

Word of mouth

The most important thing is to do nothing and then maintain your reputation.

Again fear, again insult.

For lack of trust, it's for lack of trust.

Speak carefully and you will succeed.

Chapter Eighteen

The avenue is abandoned, showing benevolence and righteousness.

Introduction of wisdom, fake fake.

Discord between six relatives is healed by filial piety and kindness.

The country is in disarray, but loyal ministers are saving day.

Chapter Fifty-Three

If you have wisdom, follow great path and stay away from evil paths.

The avenue is flat, people run sideways and walk along a small road.

The government is corrupt, fields are empty, and warehouses are empty.

Dressed in beautiful clothes, carries a sharp sword, tired of eating and drinking.

There is a lot of wealth, and robbers boast, which is unethical.

Chapter Nineteen

See Su Baopa

If you don't count people, benefits will multiply.

If you don't falsely recruit sons, people will revert to filial piety and kindness.

There are no thieves if you don't shake wit.

Twigs and leaves are not enough, but lard strengthens roots.

With a pure heart and little desire, you don't have to worry about learning.

Chapter Twenty

Follow crowd

Search casually, what's difference?

Preferences and dislikes, what's difference?

Should you also be afraid of what others are afraid of?

There is nowhere to go in endless desert.

It's like going to temple fair, like going out in spring.

Lonely volts sprout like an unborn child.

Inactive standby, seemingly doing nothing.

Everyone is increasing, and I alone am decreasing.

My heart is ignorant, seems ignorant.

The Everyman is gone, and I'm alone.

Ordinary people are sleepy, and I'm alone.

Everyone is listening, but I'm only one who will keep my promise.

Sinking like sea, luck has no end.

Unique taste, love for breeding.

Fourthly, opposites complement each other

Chapter Thirty-Six

If you want to contain yourself, you must bluff first.

If you want to be weak, you must first become strong.

If you want to give up, you must first rejuvenate yourself.

If you want to fish, you must first bait.

It's called subtlety, weak beat strong.

Yin and Yang coexist, and secrets of heaven are hidden.

Chapter Seventy-Six

Life is soft, but death is hard.

The grass is soft and brittle, but dead and haggard.

Strong disciples of death, weak disciples of disciples.

The Soldier is strong enough to defeat him, but sturdy tree will break.

Strong descent, soft rise.

Chapter Nine

Better to be half full than full of complacency.

Sharp speculation can't last forever.

The hall is full of gold and jade, making thieves uneasy.

Wealth and arrogance are extravagant.

This is ricecue way to retire after success.

Chapter Twenty-Two

All in one

The song is complete, and in vain straight.

Water is full, but empty is new.

If you have less, you win, but if you have more, you will be confused.

Therefore, wise man makes a circle, and world - a spoonful of stew.

If you are not attached, you will be clear, and if you are not conceited, you will be bright.

Don't brag about your accomplishments, don't be proud of your strengths.

Since there is no competition, nothing in world can compete.

The ancient songs are complete, how can you make false claims?

Chapter Twenty-Three

Natural Silence

The wind is short, showers are short.

Why? What heaven and earth do.

This is how world works, not to mention people?

People in old way, path is same as path,

Virtue is same as virtue, and loss is same as loss.

Those who are like Tao will enjoy Tao.

Same as virtue. Germany is happy too.

Like a loser, losing is also fun.

Isn't it enough to believe it? Shouldn't this be believed?

Chapter Twenty-Four

How to stand on tiptoe, how to walk.

Incomprehensible obsession and lack of conceit.

Pride is useless, self-confidence is short-lived.

The reason is this, go to wall.

Disgusting, inappropriate.

Chapter Twenty-Six

Heaviness is lightest root, and immobility is master of swiftness.

This is a saint who walks around with luggage.

Despite his solemnity, Yang Ran is suspended.

But king of country is as light as world.

It is easy to lose foundation of a country and lose throne in arrogance.

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Good deeds leave no trace, and kind words leave no stain.

Good calculation without divination, good closing without blocking.

A good knot is not tied, so it cannot be untied.

Therefore, sage inherited Daoming.

Always knows how to save people so that no one is abandoned.

I always know how to save money so that there is no waste.

That's why a good person doesn't learn from others.

A bad person is a teacher.

Don't respect teachers, don't like talents.

Human wisdom is indeed lost, this is key point.

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Know male and keep female.

This is Tianxiaxi, this is Tianxiaxi.

Yuanda is not lost, return to child.

Know white and keep black.

For world style, for world style.

Yuande is same, returning to infinity.

Know his glory, keep his shame,

This is valley of peace, this is valley of peace.

Yuan De is enough to return to Pu.

Simplicity is a tool, and saints use it.

This isinitially, and it is natural.

V. Summary of Taoism

Chapter Thirty-Four

The avenue covers everything.

Life without goodbye, success is not obvious.

Growing but not slaughter corrodes desire.

To return, but not to master, one might say great.

A sage is not great, so he can become great.

Chapter Thirty-five

Great weather, world is back.

Go ahead and benefit, Ahn Hyukang.

We are glad to attract, passers-by remain.

The way is not rhetorical, it is indifferent and tasteless.

I see, but I don't see, I hear, but I don't hear.

It can be called small, and it is inexhaustible.

Chapter Thirty-Seven

A sure way to do nothing but do nothing.

Hou Wang guards path, and everything is transformed by itself.

To change and want to do, suppress simple characters.

Say a simple mantra to calm your desires.

Quiet, world is stable.

Sixth, be moral

Chapter Thirty-Eight

There is no name for virtue, so there is virtue.

If you are virtuous, your name is not lost, so you have no virtue.

Shande is like that, I don't think so.

Syade is self-proclaimed, and she's not as good as she is.

Shangren did it on purpose, without knowing it.

Shanyi is premeditated and opinionated.

The greeting was deliberate, but there was no response, so he pushed it away and threw it away.

If you lose morality you will be virtuous, if you lose morality you will be benevolent.

If you lose benevolence, you will follow righteousness; if you lose righteousness, you will follow propriety.

Etiquette breaks allegiance, leader of chaos, prophet:

See signs of ignorance.

He is a real man, loyal and informal.

Loyal and true, don't live in fireworks, go to flowers to get truth.

Chapter Thirty-Nine

Former Taoist

The sky is clear, earth is calm.

God gets Dao Ling, Gu gets Dao Ying.

All things are born in Tao, and way of king is right in world, and he rules it.

The sky cannot collapse, and earth cannot fall into chaos.

The gods cannot die, and valleys cannot be depleted.

All things cannot perish, and kings cannot perish.

The base is expensive, but base is high.

The king is lonely and widowed, and he puts people above everything else.

It's too cold at top of tower, and I think I'm a jade.

Seven, extremes reversed

Chapter Forty-one

The speaker said

The sergeant heard truth and believed it.

When sergeant heard this, he half believed it.

The corporal heard truth and did not believe ridicule.

It's not enough to laugh, I think it'sTruth.

If you know way, you are ignorant, and if you advance, you retreat.

A straight road is like a curve, and virtue is like a valley.

Brightness is like dirt, and breadth is like a flaw.

The structure is as crisp as it gets, but quality is as solid as it is diffuse.

Generous without horns, blooms late.

The big sound is silent and elephant is invisible.

The Tao is hidden and nameless, but Tao is good.

Chapter Forty-Three

How many people in world know

The world is soft and traffic is reliable.

There is no reality and no space.

I know, knowing that doing nothing is good.

Learning without words is useful without doing anything.

Chapter Forty-Four

What is your real name? What is more valuable?

What's problem? I love Dafei very much.

To be content and invincible.

Knowledge is not dangerous, it can last forever.

Chapter Forty-Five

If great achievements are not enough, they can be used in different ways.

With a lack of large surpluses, they will be inexhaustible.

Straight forward is as straight as it is crooked, and as smart as it is clumsy.

Exercise warms up, rest cools.

The great dispute is Ruo Na, and world is clear.

Chapter Forty-Six

Satisfied and pleased

There is a way in world, and horse is impregnated.

There is no way in world, but soldiers and horses multiply.

If you are not satisfied, you will be accused of being greedy.

Eight, be virtuous

Chapter Forty-Seven

You can experience world without leaving door.

If you don't look out window, you will know way.

In addition to pleasure, you know less.

This is wise man who knows without practice.

If you can't see it, you can't do it.

Chapter Forty-Eight

In order to learn more and more, deal damage to Dao.

Losses and losses, while there is nothing.

Do nothing, but do everything.

Own world, often without incident.

If you have enough things, you can conquer world.

Chapter Forty-Nine

A saint has a heart not for himself, but for people.

The good do good, bad do good, and they are good.

Believers believe, do not believe, believe in virtue.

When a sage rules, world is harmonious.

People are obedient, but saints are kind.

Chapter fifty

Birth and death, karma thirteen.

He died unexpectedly for thirteen reasons.

To lead a healthy lifestyle, you need to maintain health.

There is no danger in traveling across land, and there is no fighting in an army.

Rhinoceros horns are nothing to throw away, and tiger claws are nothing to do with.

What is difference between life and death? There are no weapons.

Why? Don't die.

Chapter Fifty-oneong>

Tao generates morality, animals and forms of things.

There is nothing wrong with everything, respecting morality and virtue.

The Tao is noble and noble, not fate.

Tao gives rise to moral animals, nurtures and nurtures.

Rich and rich, with a nourishing finish.

To be born, but not to have, not to rely on.

The name of Long but not killed is Xuande.

Chapter Fifty-Four

Builds well but doesn't pull, hugs well and never lets go.

When making sacrifices for posterity, never stop leading by example.

Cultivate your moral character and cultivate family virtue.

Cultivate dignity of country and cultivate dignity of country.

To restore peace, its dignity Naipu.

Look at yourself and your house.

Look at countryside with village and look at village with village.

From point of view of world, this is true.

Chapter Fifty-five

Have a deep virtue, like a child.

Poisonous insects don't bite, and animals don't invade.

The muscles and bones are weak, but fist is strong.

I don't know a man or a woman, but one pillar supports sky.

Pure Yang is enough to make your voice sound good when you cry.

Arrogance and harmony, knowledge and truth.

Knowledge is always clear and clear, useful for life and favorable.

If qi is strong, it will weaken when stressed.

It's called immorality, and he dies and leaves stage.

Nine, ruling country on basis of virtue

Chapter Fifty-Seven

Govern your country with righteousness and use military force strangely.

There is nothing in world, how do you know that?

There are many orders in world, but people are poor.

When people have a lot of weapons, country becomes weaker.

There are a lot of people with clever tricks, and strange things are growing.

Many thieves and thieves.

Be quiet and confident.

Be rich without doing anything, and be simple without desire.

Chapter Fifty-Eight

The government is generous and people are rich.

The government is tough here, and people don't have enough people.

Bad luck and fortune depend on it, luck and misfortune depend on it.

Who knows inflection point?

Good becomes evil again? Human confusion.

This is a wise man a long time ago.

Square but not cut, cheap but not cut.

Direct, but not bold, bright, but not dazzling.

Chapter Fifty-Nine

There is no better way to manage people than to be lean.

The husband is economical, so stop by as soon as possible.

First go down road and build up morale.

Focus on merit, do nothing.

Invincible in all battles, no one knows final one.

If you don't know extremelystey, you can rule country.

Only with founding of a country can it exist for a long time.

A deeply rooted path to longevity.

Chapter Sixty

Running a big country is like cooking small fish.

The Tao comes into world, but its ghosts are not gods.

It's not that ghosts don't work, their souls don't cause harm.

Neither gods nor saints were harmed.

Two people don't hurt each other, but goodness returns to Tao.

Chapter Sixty-one

Lower Baichuan

Mother of world, communication with world.

Shoot sun in sky, take pictures in sun.

When a big country lives below, marry a small country.

If a small country is modest, it will marry a big country.

The sea is located in lower reaches, containing hundreds of rivers.

I don't want a big one and I don't want to welcome a small one.

Great countries are subordinate to each other.

Chapter Sixty-Two

The secret of all things

The treasures of a good man are protected by a bad one.

Kind words show respect, and good deeds bring people together.

If people are unkind, how can we leave them?

The current emperor has appointed three ministers.

The rule of law and power of man are not as good as entering Tao.

What is ancient way? Answer every request.

Repentance and release from punishment is most valuable thing in world.

It's called immorality, and he dies and leaves stage.

Ten, path of politics

Chapter Sixty-Three

Do nothing, nothing tasteless.

No matter how big or small, repay good for evil.

From simple to complex, from small to large.

What is difficult in world should be done easily.

Every major event in world must be done in detail.

The sage is not great, so he becomes great.

Easy promises but little credibility, simple things become difficult.

A wise man never has a problem.

Chapter Sixty-Four

It's safe and easy to hold, but not easy to find.

It's brittle and brittle, and it's a little loose.

To brew beer, rule before chaos.

The Gebao tree is born at end of millet.

The nine-story platform begins with tired soil.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Those who do it will lose, and those who persist will lose.

For a sage, nothing is invincible.

Without obsession and failure, people do what they do.

If you fail after a few successes, be careful at end.

There are no failures, so you are a saint.

Don't chase hotspots.

Touch unpopular, collect all leaks.

To match everything,naturally do not.

Chapter Three

Do not recommend virtuous people so that people do not fight.

Don't value your goods so people don't steal them.

If you don't have desires, you can't afford it.

The sage is honest and rules country well.

Empty mind, full stomach.

Weak consciousness, strong will.

No other intentions, only reflections.

Intruders don't stand a chance.

Do nothing, do everything.

Chapter Sixty-five

Those who are good at Taoism, even Dashun.

If you don't understand people, you will use them to be stupid.

People are difficult to manage because of their wisdom.

Therefore, ruling a country wisely means being thief of country.

If you do not govern country wisely, it will be a blessing to country.

Knowing both is called a paradigm.

The common knowledge paradigm is called Xuande.

Xuande is deep and far-reaching, and it's opposite of things.

Chapter Eighty

In a small country with a small population, there is no need for a big disaster.

If people don't travel far, boat public opinion is useless.

The soldier has nothing to lose, he can tie a rope and use it.

Be content with what you eat, but be prettier than what you eat.

Conscientious in his home, happy in his ways.

Neighbors are watching, chickens and dogs hear each other.

People don't communicate with each other until they grow old and die.

Eleven, way of king

Chapter Thirty-Two

Truth is nameless, simple and subtle.

The world is conquered, and king guards it.

Everything is in order, and heaven and earth are one.

People obey orders, and up and down are in harmony.

The original system is well known and worthy of its name.

Announce to world that there are no seedlings.

The Tao travels world, streams return to sea.

Chapter Sixty-Six

Jiang Haishan is King of Baigu.

So if you want to go up to people, you can go down in words.

If you want to be ancestors, you must follow them.

The sacred place is light from above, and front is close to people.

That's why world is happy, and we never get tired of pushing it.

If you don't fight, you can't compete with him.

Chapter Sixty-Seven

Everything in world is Tao, and it seems unworthy.

Because it's big, it looks unworthy.

If Xiao has been around for a long time, he'll be fine.

I have three treasures, keep them and keep them.

Be compassionate and frugal, don't dare to be first in world.

Benevolence leads to courage, thrift leads to breadth.

If you're not firstand in world, you can become best of all.

Be kind and brave, be humble and broad.

The way to die is to give up last and first.

If you fight with kindness, you will win.

Heaven will save him and protect him with kindness.

Twelve how to use soldiers

Chapter Twenty-Nine

If you want to conquer world, you won't succeed.

An artifact of world is not desirable.

He who takes will lose, and he who persists will lose.

We seem to know each other well.

Strength and weakness go hand in hand, and good and evil go hand in hand.

The sage is temperate, it's too late.

Chapter Thirty

Dao Zuo Renzhu, peaceful reunion.

Kamma and fruit of retribution, don't brag about fruit.

As soon as war began, people's lives were crushed.

After war, disaster continued.

When a melon is ripe, it will not be sweet if taken by force.

Don't be proud if you can do it, don't be arrogant if you can do it.

If it doesn't work, don't force it.

When it prospers, it declines. This is premature and wrong.

Chapter Thirty-One

A show of force, a sinister weapon.

Things are good or bad, there is a way to use them.

Government is more important than a gentleman, and military skills are more important.

A sinister weapon, not a gentleman's weapon.

Use as a last resort, it's enough.

It's fun to talk about it, it's fun to kill people,

Those who love to kill don't stand a chance.

Victory is ugly, mourning rite says.

Chongwen is good, Xuanwu is bad.

The general will be on left and general on right.

Many enemies are slain, mourning and remembering.

If you win battle, you win funeral.

Chapter Sixty-Eight

A good man doesn't fight, and a good fighter doesn't get angry.

Know how to win, but not with others, and use others to your advantage.

The dignity is undeniable, power of using people.

It's called matching sky, pinnacle of ancient times.

Chapter Sixty-Nine

The use of troops clearly stated that they would not be playing at home.

In event of an away game, stay away.

Hide your power, ambush your soldiers.

When disaster strikes, enemy is underestimated and enemy loses treasure.

When two soldiers fight, grieving soldier wins.

Thirteen, how to manage people

Chapter Seventy

It's easy for me to say, but easy to know and do.

There is nothing in world, nothing can be done.

Words have a purpose, and things have evidence.

If you don't know key, you don't know.

Those who know what to say are full of hope, butabout those who do something, are expensive.

This is a sage, simple Huayu.

Chapter Seventy-two

When people are not afraid of prestige, great prestige will come.

Nowhere to live, nowhere to live.

Because you are not tired, you are not annoying.

So, sage, don't know,

Love doesn't respect itself, go get it.

Chapter Seventy-Three

If you are brave, you will kill; if you do not dare, you will live.

Whether it is useful or harmful, there are no conclusions.

What is evil in sky, who knows why?

It's hard for a sage to know, but heavenly way works.

Win without fighting and answer without speaking.

Come here without a call, but seek with indifference.

The skynet has been restored, sparse, but not lost.

Chapter Seventy-Four

People are not afraid of death, why should they be afraid of death?

Make people afraid of death, kill one as an example to others.

Punishment under law, extrajudicial lynching.

When a great master cuts for others, it won't hurt his hands.

Chapter Seventy-five

When people are hungry, food taxes are too high.

The people are difficult to manage, but authorities are promising.

People's contempt for death, pursuit of greedy life.

Those who do nothing for life are wiser than those who are greedy for life.

Fourteenth: Heavenly Virtues and Virtue

Chapter Seventy-Seven

The law of heaven makes bow elastic.

The tall one suppresses it, lower one raises it.

What's left is damaged, what's not enough is replenished.

The law of heavenly path fills in gaps.

If human nature is wrong, what is lost will be replaced.

There is only Tao in world.

Being a wise man, do what you do and don't rely on it.

If you're not successful, you don't want to show yourself.

Chapter Seventy-Nine

It's hard to get rid of reconciliation and resentment, but can world be good?

The sage is right, but not responsible.

There is a moral calculation, but there is no moral calculation.

Heaven has no relatives, always follow good people.

Chapter Thirty-Three

He who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise.

Victorious people are strong, self-conquering people are strong.

Satisfied with wealth, forced to have ambition.

Keep your original heart for a long time, and you will never die.

Chapter Seventy-one

If you do not know wisdom, you will know sickness.

Knowing yourself is not wise, knowing by wisdom.

Knowing oneself is not wise, but wise man knows it.

Chapter Fifty-Six

It's expensive for world

He who knows has no words, but speaker does not know.

Stop joking around, close door and settle disputes with frustration.

To be in harmony with light and dust means to say that it is mysterious.

Don't get closer, don't move away.

No benefit, no harm.

Do not value, do not cheapen.

Chapter Eighty-One

Trust is bad, but good words are bad.

A good man does not argue, but one who argues is not good.

Those who know don't know well, those who know well don't know.

The sage does not accumulate more he has.

The law of heaven is helpful, but not harmful.

The way of sage is to fight for nothing.

Sentient beings do not know true cause and effect and make false claims about high and low.

There is no two-element riddle, and a riddle is also a riddle.