Chapter Nine: China's COVID-19 Model Has Successfully Reduced Mortality

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Wang Chen from Fangcai Hospital planned overall battle, just like blockade of Li Lanjuan, strong man who closed city with his broken arm, combined with grid-based investigation of community's people's war, trio succeeded in Chinese anti-epidemic model. The West can only learn from asylum hospitals. US and French engineers built field hospitals one after other. Britain converted its gymnasium into a 4,000-bed Nightingale Asylum.

The world government is generally black, US aircraft carrier Captain Roosevelt, copying real information among colleagues, seems to behave exactly like Dr. Li Wenliang behaves: only external differences between soldiers and civilians, warships and hospitals, e-mail and WeChat, China and United States The Chinese government's style of address is also same: breach of discipline and leak of secrets, exhortation and dismissal.

Rationality weeds out failure and leaves success: I remember famous saying of an American entrepreneur a few years ago: "Only paranoid can survive." You know why? Only faith can lead to success, and rationality is just a survey of failure, which is used to determine cause of death after a forensic autopsy, and not to clarify length of longevity in advance. Long-lived old people have their own methods of longevity. It seems that there are no two living leaves with same texture. Only industry. The veins of dead leaves are same. It can be seen that convergence is only path to death. Only adaptation of measures to local conditions is path to success. summed up by rational analysis to avoid repeating mistakes of past. king.

The Curse of Gumpertz. In 1825, British mathematician Benjamin Gompertz discovered a simple but profound pattern of group mortality that doubles risk of death among adults about every eight years. This pattern is manifested not only in humans, but also in various experimental animals, but due to difference in average life expectancy of species, it is not eight years, but: fruit flies are calculated by day, and mice by months, and risk of death changes over time C over time, it still maintains an exponential growth regime.

Why does mortality increase exponentially with age? What is nature of aging? What is relationship between aging and death? In fact, aging is nothing but cumulative result of death of microscopic elementary cells of life. The number of human cells is about 50 trillion, and death is a microscopic elementary cell. Sporadic accidental death is associated with percolation (percolation) of macroscopic events, just like two-dimensional Go board. The condition shows that macroscopic death increases with microscopic unit index.

The community is investigating a national war, and defenders have a duty to defend war.

The central government is responsible for overall battle, and local community central network.

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