Round Four: Tracing Origin of the Novel Coronavirus SARS-COVID-19

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People have come out of Africa, similar to new corona coming out of United States, genome sequencing and evolution of new coronavirus, article was published on Chinese Academy of Science and Technology Articles Pre-Release Platform. URL:

As of February 19, 2020, out of 75,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in 26 countries, only 93 viral genome samples and 93 sets of genomes consisting of 10 genes and 30,000 base pairs of single RNA have been collected. strands compared For new coronavirus, an overall similarity was found to be as high as 99.59%, with less than 0.41%, or 141 base pairs, and random mutations distributed across 10 genes, fundamentally disproving charge that virus originated from human design.

At 141 mutation points, an evolutionary race of 93 virus samples was sorted and found that among mammals, highest similarity between coronavirus and new coronavirus in bats is 93%, and similarity between coronavirus and new coronavirus in pangolins is 96%. %, while original mv1 ancestor of new human-introduced coronavirus is still unknown.

Two superspreaders of ancestral haplotypes: H13 was found only in a person who returned from Wuhan in early January to Guangdong, and H38, a patient from Washington in United States, traveled to Wuhan in mid-January;< /p>

H3 paternal haploid superspreader, only one case was found in Wuhan in early January, and it has nothing to do with Wuhan Huanan Seafood Market;

H1, a descendant of a haploid superspreader, reproduced all cases in Wuhan; there are also two grandchildren of haploid superspreaders.

Although number of confirmed cases in United States is only a few dozen, they are full of five poisons. Four generations and five ethnic groups live together in same family, while number of confirmed cases in China is in dozens. thousands of times more than in United States, but they are mainly concentrated in H1 subfamily, completely absent from H38 ancestral family, another H13 progenitor was found only in Guangdong with five cases: vaguely visible from United States ... Hawaii. ..Japan...Korea...landed on Guangdong highway, gave birth to a single H3 male parent in Wuhan, and finally gave birth to a giant H1 baby, only one who is only one. offspring at home and abroad.

According to human genetic origins in Africa, although number of population samples in Africa is small, diversity of variation in human genome is rich; it seems that number of confirmed samples of new corona in United States is small, but variety of variations in virus genome is rich.

In ignorance and ambiguity of fourth quarter of last year, new corona was suppressed by flu in US. It is not popular, but Asia-Pacific flu is not popular, and new corona is popular. ... New corona and flu seem to be a game of antagonism and restraint A detailed overview of distribution of flu positives, new corona positives, and flu and new corona double positives in China last winterwill give you helpful hints.

When novel corona virus first appeared in world last fall, it coincided with tens of millions of flu pandemics in United States, patient infections, lung infections and deaths around world. Dozens of new coronas were only in concentration at ppm level, like thousands of lights in Times Square in New York. Seeing dim light of stars, even current fever clinic in Wuhan still cannot weed out flu patients: it cannot be excluded, and it cannot be diagnosed .

On other hand, there is no flu pandemic background noise in China. Just eight sporadic clusters of symptoms at South China Seafood Market in Wuhan are enough to alert Zhang Jixian, head of respiratory medicine at Wuhan Hospital. Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine.

Last fall, flying saucers moved targets across sky, making American snipers dizzy and distracted. They had inadvertently confused unknown new crown targets and it was inevitable that they would mistake them for flying saucers of flu. But when China faced new crown and discovered target of genome sequence, American sniper Shentong authorized him to hit every target and immediately diagnosed his grandson, who came into contact with Wuhan H1 in mid-January. H38 grandfather was bred from grandson. H1.

H38's grandfather in United States and his four generations of new crown family were plunged into flu pandemic wave in United States last fall and were ignored as cases of unknown origin: if United States still kept flu pandemic last fall, it would be like a tissue sample from an unknown deceased influenza patient, a new corona nucleic acid test can now be performed, and it is believed that source of new corona can be traced back to truth. Scientists don't know meaning of data or what a fact is. They can only get a good grasp of logic of facts in data. Let's talk about traceability of genetic data maps. The data source will tell us which sky can be sorted from these data wells.

1. Data from all over world. Samples of confirmed cases are sequenced and uploaded to site. The sequence of data formation, of course, is a temporal sequence of flashes in different places. On chronological pipeline, note pros and cons of virus packs.

2.The iceberg of asymptomatic infected under confirmed water is not in view of investigators, so they are not part of this data pool and cannot participate in triage.However, will these asymptomatic infected people after close contact transmission process Confirmed case of unknown origin ? Will his samples be sequenced and uploaded to website? Considering 1.5 million confirmed cases, more than 3,000 strains of viral data have been selected, no sampling rate was 0.2%, and it was not a random sample How high is level of confidence in results of statistical ranking?

Third, samples in well data pool are not representative and have no statistical significance. Can "data" be called "data" out of sight data? This is significance of Heisenberg, who calls observational data quantum uncertainty in sense of scientific epistemology.

4. As for traceability of new crown, there is only one way to solve it: For tissue samples from patients with unknown pneumonia who died in context of big flu last autumn, forensic pathological autopsy, nucleic acid sequencing of new crown, Italy is ready to open coffin for autopsy, given large number of unexplained e-cigarette deaths in US. Should Italian autopsy follow suit?

The Wuhan superspreader of H1 haplotype, like Homo sapiens, migrated rapidly and spread around world, covering their ancestors such as Neanderthals, Javanese, Pekingese and Lantians. Even for Europe and United States, where racial superiority prevails, it must be admitted that Africa, where human genetic variation is most numerous, is birthplace of man, and China, which has largest Han population, is not considered birthplace of man. It can be seen that lineage tracking does not mean looking back to see how many descendants are left behind, but looking forward to how many ancestors have been integrated. Africa, with richest ancestors, is home of humans, just as United States, with richest ancestors, is home of viruses.

Super-spenders with Wuhan h1 haplotype, such as Homo sapiens, quickly spread around world, eclipsing their ancestors, such as Neanderthals, Javanese, Beijingers, Lantians and other early species. Even in Europe and America, where racial superiority prevails. , it should be recognized that birthplace of man is Africa, where human genetic variability is richest. source is not to look ahead to see how many descendants are left, but to look back to see how many ancestors. home of the virus. CDC confirms first case of unknown coronavirus originating in US