Chapter 5 Fighting Viruses with Viruses to Prevent Disease Vaccine Immunity Shield

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The new corona infection is analogous to sperm fertilization, arginine protein packages semi-baby DNA, just like S spike protein packages RNA; ovum absorbs arginine protein package, ACE2 appears to absorb spike S protrusion; SPRK1 enzymatically degrades semen for insemination, but N Membrane enzymatic hydrolysis of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

U.S. doctors wear masks to administer vaccines to avoid infecting healthy volunteers, however, volunteers do not wear masks, indicating that they are healthy people who have not been infected and are eligible for vaccination.

The day first dose of COVID-19 vaccine was planted in Seattle, Washington, USA, time has come to give vaccine to civilized people around world. Thus, it is expressed in language understandable to public: new corona vaccine looks like a male condom on head of spiked S protein on surface of new corona virus to protect release of membrane-soluble N protein. .

The female cervical cap looks like a passive immunization with reconstituted plasma antibodies, while male condom looks like an active immunization vaccine. Condoms are pre-placed in body and distributed randomly. The vaccine is only a contraceptive, not an abortion pill, so it is only effective for non-pregnant and susceptible ones, but completely useless for those who are already infected and pregnant.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stipulates that, as a new contraceptive vaccine, it must first conduct phase one clinical trials for safety, then conduct phase two clinical trials for efficacy, and finally conduct phase three comprehensive clinical safety trials to finally determine appropriate method of administration, appropriate dosage, and other large-scale applications of vaccination specifications.

What is vaccine, is star of epidemic. It should infect human body without causing disease. A successful vaccine can only be obtained if you are careful, and if you are not careful, a raging epidemic will break out.

Looking back at history of human vaccines, first human smallpox vaccine used by Chinese: scabs on smallpox patients were ground to powder, and live virus was blown through nose of healthy people, and overdose infected disease-causing disease Smallpox; English doctor Jenner, who proposed herd immunity, noticed that none of milkmaids were infected with smallpox. After research, he developed a safe cowpox vaccine that infects people but does not cause disease.

Currently, among five technical ways to develop vaccines in KIn China, traditional inactivated vaccine still uses idea of ​​cowpox. From this point of view, an "asymptomatic infected person" looks like human smallpox, and an infection is equivalent to inhaling virus through nose. If Zhong Nanshan is correct that "an asymptomatic infection will not be diagnosed as causing a disease," then an asymptomatic infection is equivalent to a walking vaccine infection of smallpox.

Five technical paths for vaccine development in China:

1. Traditional inactivated vaccine

2. Recombinant vector vaccine against influenza virus

3. Recombinant adenovirus vector vaccine

4. Recombinant viral subunit vaccine

5. Nucleic acid vaccine

March 16 in Seattle, Washington, USA, world's first vaccine for human clinical trials belongs to fifth category of nucleic acid-based vaccines called ribonucleic acid and mRNA vaccines.

Accordingly, next day, March 17, Chinese FDA approved human clinical trials of vaccine. Chen Wei began recruiting volunteers to start second clinical trial of vaccine, which belongs to third category, as soon as possible. recombinant adenovirus vector vaccines.

In addition to above five technical routes, a new technical route has been created: monoclonal protein factor vaccine, which is designed to analyze genome of spiked protein S on surface of new crown, clone spike head of spiked protein S of new crown pathogen and enter human body with it to stimulate immune response Antibodies of condom cuckolds.

Some presumptuously ask why Wuhan Institute of Virology of Chinese Academy of Sciences keeps SARS virus in lab? Shi Zhengli has been looking for bats in caves all over world for several years. And not only that, but also transformation of viruses to conduct animal experiments in order to study law of human transmission? Isn't this a biochemical genetic weapon?

Okay, let's start with Sun Tzu's Art of War that everyone accepts: Know enemy and know yourself, and you'll never be in danger in a hundred battles. Who is he? Of course it is enemy. Studying enemy should be perfectly legal, right? This will not be perceived as cooperation with enemy, right? Viruses as enemies, how to study them? Research must be carried out under protection of security. Here is reason for different level of laboratories: highest level is P4 laboratory. There are more than a dozen of them in world. In China, there is one at Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, where Shi Zhengli works, can study any unknown virus of new type coronavirus: big disassembly, recombination, genetic modification, animal experiments, etc. The bottom level is spectacular P3 lab: apart from military's P3 tent lab, there are only three mobile P3 labs in country, all of which have been moved from Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing to Wuhan as mobile experiments. for nucleic acid testing in shelter hospitals. Next are P2 and P1 laboratories with lower levels that can only be used for research and detection of a vaccine antidote such as influenza virus.

In early days of outbreak of new corona epidemic in Wuhan, entire Wuhan medical facility had to urgently upgrade its P2 lab to a P3 lab at Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention. At that time, it took several days to get results of analysis of a suspected sample, and tens of thousands of suspected cases were waiting for nucleic acid diagnosis. Even famous Dr. Li Wenliang did notneighing nucleic acid diagnostics from beginning of January until end of month, forcing Wuhan to just start February. Nucleic acid diagnostics were skipped, and clinical diagnosis was made directly. On February 12, 15,000 people were clinically diagnosed, and rising stock market circuit breaker seemed to shock world.

Cheng Wei's vaccine research and development requires deciphering a functional genome expressing new corona surface antigen S-spike protein in P4 and P3 laboratories, and then transgenic recombination, grafting and expression on adenovirus vector protein and discarding original new virus vector crowns. The core antigen RNA is not used, so new vaccine corona spike S protein is non-toxic, stimulates body's immune response to green hat antibody, and attacks invading new corona virus from outside, creating a vaccine. immunotherapy that fights virus and cures disease.

Xiao Liang ridiculed that intensively developed vaccine is useless [Note 1]. However, otherwise, when disease rushes to doctor, even if there is a ten-thousandth probability, high-risk groups, at least front-line rescue medical staff, are vaccinated, but no one has mentioned this yet. It seems that there has never been a vaccine in world. After passage of vaccine from SARS, and now we are rushing to develop a new corona vaccine, can we leave it on shelf and repeat same mistakes?

Vaccines only cause body to produce antibodies that are different from those induced by asymptomatic infections. However, degree of safety is different, which means that different catalysts have different kinetic reaction paths, and final thermodynamic equilibrium results are exactly same. SARS was not in a hurry then. Project development? In end, he ended up in an anti-climate building. Even after 17 years, wouldn't he be useless now?

The bottom of stand, head of well.

The path to wall of well, wisdom of well.

... Note 1: Will a cured patient be re-infected? Liang Zonggang, head of department of respiratory and critical care medicine at Sichuan University West China Hospital: Patients develop protective antibodies within a certain period of time after infection, which is relatively safe for a certain period of time (usually several months). . But in long run, it is possible that a type of virus can mutate, or even become infected with the same type of virus.