Electret and "trend" electret masterbatch you need

Electret and


Recently, growth of melt blowing industry has been wave after wave. From very beginning of sentence "I have a meltblown fabric that has a mask", now everyone is talking about filtration efficiency of "95.99". Meltblown The wave of industry has hit electret masterbatches, and electret masterbatches have become "new darling" of meltblown industry. Regarding composition and classification of electret masterbatch, we have described them in detail in article "Electret masterbatch - a necessary medicine for fabric blown from melt". Today we have a deep understanding of concept of electret, and then introduce you to our upgraded version of TM ZJM 911PRO electret masterbatch.

1. Electret

Electrets refer to those dielectric materials that can retain space charges and dipole charges for a long time, that is, in terms of time span, these are materials whose charge decay time constant is much larger than formation period, and have characteristics of no external electric field Under certain conditions, it can generate an electrostatic force by itself. Our PP fiber is a typical electret material, which is very suitable as our filter material.

Electret and "trend" electret masterbatch you need

Figure 1-1. Electret Mode

2. Electret Material Charge Trapping Method and Filtration Mechanism

Depending on source and nature of electret charges, charges in polymeric electret materials can be divided into two types: space charges and polarization charges.

2.1 Seat fee

The space charge stability depends on regularity and crystallinity of material. Therefore, in order to improve charge stability of electret material, in terms of material selection, as much as possible can be done by modifying and controlling process conditions. The material forms a microcrystalline structure, reducing grain size and increasing crystallinity.

2.2 Polarizing charges

There are two main sources of polarized charges: first, it is ordered orientation of polar groups in molecular structure under action of an external electric field; resulting M-B effect produces a polarization analogous to orientational polarization, also known as interface polarization.

2.3 Filtration Mechanism of Electret Materials

The filtration mechanism of air dust filter material is to adsorb dust on surface of fiber, not to block pores between fibers, so pore size between fibers should not be smaller. than dust. Generally, air filtration mechanism can be divided into five effects, as shown in Table 2-1. filter effect

Electret and "trend" electret masterbatch you need

Table 2-1 Filtering effect of electret materials

Thirdly, new electret masterbatch "tide absorber"

Electret Masterbatch Model: Tough Brother TM ZJM Series Electret Masterbatch is favored by customers and solves many difficult customer problems.

The "Peak" version of Tough Brother's ZJM 911PRO electret masterbatch is specifically designed for meltblown polypropylene fabric. With help of a special screw shear mixing unit, imported organic/inorganic charge enhancer is dispersed in nanoscale form. Made from polypropylene with ultra high MFR and good toughness. It can still maintain good electrostatic density under high temperature and high humidity, which can greatly reduce ventilation resistance, and has a self-cleaning function. According to customer feedback, oiliness/salinity of this type of electret masterbatch is adequate, and the amount of additive is only 3%.

Electret and "trend" electret masterbatch you need

Table 3-1 Physical Properties of Electret Masterbatch

Electret and "trend" electret masterbatch you need

Figure 3-1 Electret Masterbatch

4. Conclusion

So far, on one hand, it is possible to develop a multifunctional electret masterbatch, and on other hand, under other conditions, it is possible to minimize cost of formula and process.

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