Plastic injection molding knowledge to understand when designing products (3/3)

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Fourteen compression molded

Also known as transfer molding, this is a method of molding thermoset plastics. After heating and pressing, and then heating and curing, a blank is formed in the mold cavity.


a. Feeding and heating: heating and softening of raw materials

b. Pressurization: use a trap or piston to force softened molten material into mold.

c. Molding: cooling and demolding after molding

Benefits: fewer seams per workpiece, reduced labor costs, uniform internal stress, high dimensional accuracy, less mold wear, and ability to form products with small or thermally stimulating inserts.

Disadvantages: high cost of mold manufacturing, high waste of plastic raw materials

Fifteen resin transfer casting

The process of pouring raw materials into a closed mold, mixing with hardener, catalyst and adhesive to cure. It is often used in thermoset composite molding method. In order to meet needs of different fields, it has also developed various offshoots such as RFI, VARTM, SCRIMP and SPRINT. There are many applications in the field of aircraft, automobiles and ships.

Sixteen squeezes

Firstly, raw material is turned into a blank, and under action of an uneven force, blank is squeezed out of hole or gap of mold to become the required blank. This processing method is called extrusion.

Seventeen Hand Paste

This is a hand-made molding method. Reinforcement material is manually laid one by one on release-coated mold, and resin is painted one by one until thickness of the Suxu plastic product is reached. . Then, by curing and demoulding, a plastic blank molding process is obtained.

Eighteen Laser Rapid Prototypes

Using a laser to shape properties of materials according to a certain trajectory to achieve workpiece processing. Common technologies include: SLA (3D printing method), SLS, LCF, LENS, LOM, LF, etc. Raw materials can be processed into blanks by plate cutting, metal powder sintering, resin solidification, material deformation, metal welding and other processing methods.

19 Deposit modeling

When extruding filamentous materials (thermoplastics, wax, metal melts) from a heated nozzle, process of melt deposition is carried out along a certain trajectory of each layer of the part. (3D printing processing method)

Twenty CNC


On CNC machines, hard materials are subjected to subtractive processing. With a high-speed rotating cutting head, it moves in three-axis XYZ direction (and above) to cut and process raw materials, and finally achieve processing method of workpiece.