What plastics people need to know about plastic's melting index

What plastics people need to know about plastic's melting index
Melt index is also referred to as melt flow rate or melt flow rate. It refers to mass or volume of melt passing through capillary of a standard head every ten minutes at a certain temperature and load. Usually, unit g/10min means . The melt index is used to characterize melt flow of plastic materials during high temperature processing. The higher melt index, better flow and more material passes through mold per unit time. The plastic melt index often affects basic properties of material, as well as correction and confirmation of the molding manufacturing process. What plastics people need to know about plastic's melting index

Influence of plastic melt index on properties and molding process.

In general, fluidity of plastics affects some material properties such as tensile strength, elongation, modulus of elasticity, and other parameters. When plastic melt index is larger, viscosity and average molecular weight of material in molten state are lower, fluidity is better, processing performance is better, and physical and mechanical properties are relatively lower; on contrary, lower melt index, higher average molecular weight, physical and mechanical properties of product are also higher. Generally, high flow mechanical properties will decrease. When choosing materials, it is not necessary to select refractory fingers and this must be taken into account in combination with process conditions and costs.

On other hand, melting index of plastics also affects processing and molding of products. In processing and production of plastic products, molding of products often depends on many factors, such as temperature, pressure, mold structure, melt index of material, etc. In production of some products, plastic melt index is required to be in a certain range. Therefore, when customers search for materials, they often refer to physical properties table of material or directly indicate required melting finger size to meet needs of manufacturing process.

How to adjust melting index of plastic?

The melt index of a material is an important reference when recycling recycled plastic waste, so how do you adjust melt index of a plastic? Generally speaking, a plastic melt index modifier can be added. Firstly, melt index agent and raw materials are mixed in equal proportions, and then transported to processing equipment for product granulation or processing. Under high temperature conditions, melt index agent breaks down into small molecules, acts on molecular chain segment, changes molecular structure and intermolecular force, changes melt viscosity and strength during processing, and finally plays role of adjusting melt index. and improving performance of plastics processing Effect.