What should I pay attention to when using plastic products?

What should I pay attention to when using plastic products?

With rapid development of plastics industry, people have different requirements for plastic products, and number of kinds of plastic products is also increasing day by day or more severe. So, what should you pay attention to when using it?

Learn about performance of plastic products

Before using plastic products, you need to understand their characteristics and determine if they are poisonous. It mainly depends on what material plastic product is made from, whether harmful plastic additives such as bisphenol A, plasticizer, etc. are added. If there are these substances, you need to take them seriously and check use of these substances. amount is excessive, whether you used it wisely, and so on.

What should I pay attention to when using plastic products?

Plastic food bags, buckets, kettles, etc., which are commonly sold in market, are mainly made of polyethylene. PE plastic feels lubricating, its surface is like a layer of wax, it is flammable, flame is yellow, and wax will drip, and there will be a paraffin smell, non-toxic. The plastic packaging commonly used in industry mainly uses PVC plastic, which is often supplemented with lead salt stabilizers. To touch, PVC plastic is sticky, does not burn, and it can be said that it goes out immediately after leaving fire. Its flame is green, and plastic becomes soft and emits a strong smell of chlorine when burned. This plastic product is poisonous.

Pay attention to care and protection against aging

Many plastic products in daily life have an expiration date. If they are not properly cared for, they often release some harmful substances that enter human body with food or drink, etc., and then cause harm to people. to body, so maintenance of plastic products is also very important. When people use plastic tools, they often encounter phenomena such as plastic hardening, brittleness, discoloration, cracking, and performance degradation - plastic aging. You can hear that plastics companies add some anti-aging agents to manufacturing process that can slow down aging phenomenon, but this does not solve problem at root.

Therefore, in order to use plastic products more rationally, during use, do not expose them to sunlight, rain, use them at high temperatures, and do not frequently touch water or oil. The plastic import agent is a high molecular weight compound made from monomer as raw material through polymerization or polycondensation reaction. The composition and shape can be freely changed. It is composed of synthetic resins and fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, dyes and other additives. . Plastic Import Agent The various properties of plastics determine their use in life and industry. With development of technology, research on modification of plastics has never stopped. It is hoped that in near future modified plastics can be used more widely and even replace steel and other materials without polluting environment. Of course, there is another point when it is found that plastic products age, they need to be replaced in time, and materials used in them are non-toxic.

Summarizing, we can say that plastic products that comply with generally accepted requirements will not harm human body, and we can use them with confidence. Plastics Import Agency Most plastics are light in weight, chemically stable and non-rusting,good transparency and wear resistance, good insulation, low thermal conductivity, good moldability and coloration, and processing cost is low. ; very healthy to know more about common sense of plastic products.