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Polypropylene is one of most common plastics and can be used to make any plastic food packaging such as plastic food bags, plastic food boxes, food straws, plastic food barrels and other plastic parts. for food, etc. It is safe, non-toxic, resistant to low and high temperatures. PP is only plastic that can be heated in a microwave and has a high bending strength (50,000 times). He is not damaged. when falling from a great height at a temperature of -20 °. Polypropylene bag PP: Polypropylene Polypropylene Features: The hardness is inferior to OPP, it can be stretched (double-sided stretching) to form a triangle after stretching, bottom or side seal (envelope bag), tube material. Transparency is worse than OPP

PET plastic is often used to make plastic bottles, beverage bottles and other products. The plastic mineral water bottles and soda bottles that people often buy are PET packaging products that are food-safe plastic materials.

Potential safety hazard: PET is only suitable for storing normal temperature drinks or cold drinks, not overheated food. When overheated, bottle releases toxic substances that can cause cancer. If PET bottle is used for too long, it will automatically release toxic substances, so throw away plastic beverage bottle immediately after use, and do not use it to store other products for a long time, so as not to affect health.

HDPE plastic, commonly known as high density polyethylene, has high operating temperature, hardness, mechanical strength and chemical resistance. It is a non-toxic and safe material that is often used in production of plastic food containers. High Density LDPE High Density Polyethylene seems brittle and is mainly used to make vests.

Potential Safety Hazard: HDPE plastic containers are not easy to clean and are therefore not recommended for recycling. Best not to put in microwave.

LDPE Plastic Low density high pressure polyethylene Low density polyethylene, commonly known as low density polyethylene, is soft to touch. Products made from it are tasteless, odorless, non-toxic and have a matte surface. It is often used in food plastic parts, food packaging composite film, food preservation film, drug and drug plastic packaging, etc.

Potential safety hazard: LDPE is not heat resistant, and usually at temperatures above110° melting occurs. For example: Do not wrap or heat food grade plastic wrap to prevent oil in food from dissolving harmful substances in plastic wrap.

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