Small Common Sense Plastic Shopping Bags

Plastic shopping bags are plastic bags that consumers use to store purchased items and that act as a carrier. It is made of resin as main raw material, and is used in retail, service and other places to store goods such as goods and carry bags. The identification of plastic shopping bags should be standardized, including: shopping bag name, standard number, technical specifications (length, width, edge, thickness and other dimensions of plastic shopping bags), nominal load capacity, manufacturer's name, logo (graphic symbol) . , code name), safety instructions, additional instructions, materials and components, etc.), environmental statement, safety statement.

Identification of plastic shopping bags is an important guide to purchase and use. Plastic shopping bags should have an environmental statement like "Please reuse to protect environment and resources" to increase consumer awareness of shopping bag recycling. To facilitate recycling efforts, plastic bags should be labeled with the material. The safety requirements stipulate hygienic performance and labels for plastic bags in direct contact with food, as well as warning labels and safety instructions, for example, "to avoid and prevent hazards such as suffocation, please stay away from children and small children" and so on. In addition, plastic shopping bag products should be labeled with specifications and load-bearing capacity, which can help consumers choose plastic shopping bags suitable for their own purposes.