Increase knowledge! Why are plastic products dangerous?

The market demand for plastic products in my country is mainly concentrated in several aspects, such as agricultural plastic products, packaging plastic products, building plastic products, industrial vehicles and engineering plastic products. Plastic bags do bring convenience to our lives, but convenience in moment brings long-term harm. So, what are specific points about dangers of plastic products for environment and human body? The following editor will give you a detailed introduction, hoping to help you.

1. What is harm of plastic products to environment

1. The cost of recycling plastic products is low

Plastic products are not only scattered on city streets, tourist areas, water bodies, and on both sides of highways and railways, causing "visual pollution" during use, but also potentially dangerous. The structure of plastic is stable, not easy to be decomposed by natural microorganisms, and does not delaminate for a long time in natural environment. This means that if waste plastic waste is not recycled, it will become environmental pollutants and accumulate forever, which will cause great harm to environment.

2. Impact on agricultural development

The constant accumulation of plastic waste in soil will affect uptake of nutrients and water by crops, resulting in lower crop yields.

3. Threat to animal survival

Waste plastic products thrown on ground or in water bodies are swallowed by animals for food, which leads to their death. Last year, about 1,000 sheep were killed by 20 shepherds near Qinghai Lake because of this, and economic damage amounted to about 300,000 yuan. Sheep love to eat oily leftovers wrapped in plastic foods, but they often eat plastic foods together. Because eaten plastic remains in stomach for a long time and is difficult to digest, these sheep's stomachs are full and they can no longer eat things and finally can only die of hunger. Such things are not uncommon in zoos, grasslands, countryside and oceans.

4. Seizure of land resources

The landfill of plastic waste will not only take up a large amount of land, but occupied land will not be restored for a long time, which will affect sustainable use of land. If waste plastic products that end up in household waste are taken to a landfill, they do not decompose for 200 years. It is extremely harmful to earth, changes its pH, affects absorption of nutrients and water by plants, leads to a reduction in agricultural production, and plastic products thrown into water or on ground not only affect environment, but also lead to death when passive swallowingAnd. This upsets ecological balance.

5. High temperature decomposes toxic substances

Plastic products are not toxic substances, but because recycling equipment is imperfect, process is simple, and many manufacturers do not have legal business licenses, when temperature of recycled plastic products reaches 65 ° C, toxic substances will precipitate. And if it enters food, it will harm important parts of human body such as liver, kidneys, reproductive system and central nervous system.

Secondly, harm of plastic products to human body

The reason why plastic products are unsafe is that a lot of chemicals and additives are used during processing step. A plastic product is synthesized from at least 5-20 types of chemicals, which, although they exist as plastic polymers, are not actually integrated into structure of plastic product. Substances that make up plastic resins and additives will leach out of plastic products. The estrogenic activity of release agents and dyes used to decorate plastic products is also very high. Long-term use of plastic products has a great impact on human health.