Why do black spots appear on surface of some plastic trays and what is effect?

Why do black spots appear on surface of some plastic trays and what is effect?

A plastic pallet is a logistics unit used in conjunction with logistics equipment such as forklifts and shelving. It can be used to store, load and move goods and is one of main logistics devices in modern logistics warehouses. The advent of plastic pallets is best product to meet needs of environmental protection. Using plastic pallets instead of wooden pallets can reduce forest damage; it is an inevitable product to adapt to development of logistics industry. With continuous strengthening of concept of food safety, pharmaceutical industry has high hygiene requirements .Plastic trays are in demand in food and pharmaceutical industries for their anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-moth and mold-free. In addition, plastic pallets have high bearing capacity and long service life, and are widely used in chemical, textile, manufacturing and other fields.

Why do black spots appear on surface of some plastic trays and what is effect?

Flat plastic tray

Pallets with anti-slip pads mostly appear on injection molded pallets. First of all, it should be clear that these are not patches on plastic pallets, but anti-slip pads specially designed for environment in which products from plastic pallets must be placed. According to national standard "GB/T15234-1994, article 5.1 of "Flat plastic pallet" implementation standard, pallet must have sufficient strength and rigidity in temperature range of +40°C to -25°C, and must have anti-slip performance. to ensure its stability during transportation, handling and stacking.Cargo pallets in storage can be stacked in three tiers, and empty pallets must be able to stack stably in multiple tiers, at same time, article 5.3 of national standard "GB / T15234 -1994 Flat Plastic Pallets" also provides: The surface of pallet should be smooth and even, no flash, no cracks and deformations affecting use, there should not be obvious color differences on same pallet, and color of same batch of products mainly How to make it smooth and flat, and also have anti-skid function, rubber anti-skid mat appeared.

There are many types of plastic pallets, such as nine-foot light pallet, nine-foot flat pallet, Chuanzi lattice tray, Chuanzi flat tray, Tianzi lattice tray, double-sided lattice tray, double-sided flat tray and double-sided mesh tray. Surface-welded trays, plastic combined trays, etc. Among them, there will be sporadic black anti-slip pads on front and bottom of Chuanzi mesh trays, Tianzi mesh trays, and double-sided mesh trays, and relatively large black anti-slip pads usually appear on flat plastic of tray, so other trays that do not have black floor mats, no floor mats? In fact, no, as long as we carefully observe, we will find that their surface is not flat, and there will be small bumps on product contact surface, which are anti-slip particles of plastic tray, which replace rubber pad to reproduce anti-slip effect of plastic tray.

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Why do black spots appear on surface of some plastic trays and what is effect?

Double-sided plastic tray

The advantages of plastic pallets:

1. Can paste four sides, easy to operate;

2. Not only suitable for stacking each other in warehouse, but also suitable for use on a variety of shelves;

3. Suitable for all types of road transport, convenient for container and packaged transportation of materials;

4. Facilitate operation of forklifts, hydraulic carts and other handling tools;

5. With anti-slip rubber to keep material from slipping during processing and transportation;

6. Long service life, possibility of recycling after disposal;

7. The use of plastic pallets is safe, hygienic, anti-corrosive and maintenance-free;

8. Plastic pallets are non-fumigation, insect and moisture resistant, suitable for export enterprises.