Those who know these 79 Basic Injection Molding Knowledge should be injection molding experts.

Those who know these 79 Basic Injection Molding Knowledge should be injection molding experts.
1. Commonly used plastic construction materials and shrinkage?

ABS: 0.5% (super strong adhesive)

pc:0.5% (bulletproof glass adhesive)

PMMa:0.5%: (Plexiglas)

pe: 2% polyethylene

PS: 0.5% (polystyrene)

pp:2% (100% soft glue)

PA: 2% (nylon)

PVC: 2% (polyvinyl chloride)

POM: 2% (steel)

ABS+PC: 0.4%

PC+ABS: 0.5%

Technical material: ABS PC PE POM PMMA PP PPO PS PET

Those who know these 79 Basic Injection Molding Knowledge should be injection molding experts.

2. How many systems are molds divided into?


3. What problems should be paid attention to in mold design process?

1. The wall thickness should be as uniform as possible and demoulding slope should be large enough.

2. The transition part should be gradual and smooth to avoid sharp corners.

3. Gates. The runner should be as wide and short as possible, and position of gate should be set according to shrinkage condensation process, and a cooling well should be added if necessary.

4. The mold surface should be smooth and clean, with a low roughness (preferably below 0.8)

5. Ventilation holes and grooves should be sufficient for timely release of air and gas from melt.

6. With exception of PET, wall thickness should not be too thin, usually at least 1 mm.

4. What are common defects in plastic parts?

No adhesive→cloak→bubbles→shrinkage→welding marks→black dots→streaks→lifts→delamination→peeling

5. Commonly used plastic mold steel?

45# S50c 718 738 718H

738H P20 2316 8407 H13

NAK80 NAK55 S136 S136H SKD61

6. What material is used for polishing to a mirror finish?

Commonly used high hardness heat treated steels such as: SKD61, 8407, S136

7. What are formwork designs?

Panel→board A→board B→square iron→rail post→thimble plate→thimble fixed plate→bottom plate

8. What are main shapes of parting surface?

Straight → Oblique → Curved → Vertical → Arc

9. How to hide each other in UG?

ctrL+B or ctrL+shift+B

10. What kind of machines and equipment for mold processing?

Computer gong→lathe→milling machine→grinder→drilling machine

11. What is 2D and what is 3D?

English word D: prefix Dimension (linear size, size). 2D refers to a 2D plane and 3D refers to a 3D space. In mold part, 2D usually refers to plan. view, i.e. CAD drawing, and 3D usually refers to a three-dimensional view.

12. What is default precision for pro/e? What is default UG precision?

Default accuracy for pro/e is 0.0012mm and default accuracy for UG is 0.0254mm.

13. Four of world's leading formwork manufacturers?

Germany: HASCO Japan: FUTABA (Futaba) America: DME China: LKM (Longji)

14. What is default character height in CAD?

Default CAD character height: 2.5mm.

15. What is puncture and penetration?

Cothe mating surface of male and female molds that is parallel to surface PL is called penetration surface, and mating surface of male and female molds that is not parallel to surface PL is called insertion surface.

16. The bond between stripes and silk

Both stripes and threads are units of length, stripes are used in Taiwan, 1 strip = 0.01mm, silk is used in Hong Kong, 1 silk = 0.01mm, so 1 strip = 1 silk.

17. What is pillow position?

The edge of plastic shell-type parts often has notches that are used to install various accessories. The pillow-shaped part formed here is called a pillow.

18. What is a crater?

The type of plastic compression at base of BOOS column reflected in mold and mold after volcanic eruption are called mold craters.

19. What finger does he have?

He refers to Hong Kong idiom moren.

20. What is mouth of a tiger?

The mouth of tiger is also known as stance of pipe, which is part used to delimit position.

21. What is ranking?

The layout of product on mold is called side by side.

22. What is a glue position?

The cavity of product on mold is called: adhesive position.

23. What is position of bones?

The ribs on product are called: bones

24. What is a column position?

The BOSS column in product is called: column position.

25. What is a vacancy?

The break in mold is called virtual position.

26. What is a buckle?

The hook used to connect product is called a buckle.

27. What is a fire pattern?

The pattern left after EDM is called a spark pattern.

28. What is PL noodles?

The PL surface, also known as parting surface, latch surface, refers to part where front and back molds touch when mold is closed.

29. What is a computer gong?

CNC router and machining center

30. Who is a coppersmith?

EDM generally uses copper materials that are easy to process as discharge electrodes, called copper workers, also known as electrodes. Copper workers are generally divided into: rough workers, rough and young workers, young workers and young workers are also called fine workers.

31. How much does a spark cost?

During discharge, discharge gap between copper worker and steel material is called spark position. Generally, rough workers have 10 to 50 sparks, while young workers have 5 to 15 sparks.

32. What is material level?

Plastic products avoid thickness, also known as meat thickness.

33. What is original body?

Unlike cutting inserts, original body refers to a single piece of steel as a workpiece that is machined together during machining.

34. What is a welding line?

The line formed when two strands of plastic join together is called a weld line.

35. What is a jet stream?

After plastic enters mold cavity through plastic inlet, it forms a curved and folded serpentine flow mark called jet flow.

36. What is LCM?

LKM refers to Lung Kee mold base. Commonly used mold bases: LKM, Fudeba, Mingli, Huansheng, Changhui, Desheng.

37. What is DME and HASCO?

DME and LKM are standard parts, DME is American, HASCO is European.

8. What is a pruning.

The part of product that cannot be removed directly from front and back molds is called undercut.

39. Which is reliable.

Stay-proof is an idiom that means preventing a very simple mistake, preventing staggering! For example, if insert has hanging tables of same size on both sides of sky and earth, then it is possible to install sky and earth side down when assembled in place, but it makes hanging table on one side of insert. You can't pretend to have entered, and you can't pretend to have made a mistake. These kinds of actions to prevent trance and mistakes become trance.

40. What is a beer machine?

The beer machine is a local idiom that we often refer to as the injection molding machine and injection molding machine.

Those who know these 79 Basic Injection Molding Knowledge should be injection molding experts.

41. What is a stop?

A seam is a pinch line, also known as an ugly line.

42. What is a flying model?

The flying model corresponds to model or standard model.

43. What is a light knife?

The CNC finishing action is called light knife, that is, processing is performed in-situ on a roughing basis.

44. What is frame opening?

The act of processing shape bar position based on shape is called frame opening.

45. What is word drying?

Sunzi is a processed font that is placed on film and then added to font.

46. What is anti?

The method of turning front and back positions of mold material upside down under normal circumstances is called reverse.

47. What is floating?

In places where there are local undercuts, method of ejection of small inserts is called floating.

48. What is pre-meal pattern?

When form is opened, product remains in front form, which is called front form.

49. What is top white?

The mold force required to eject is relatively large, and ejector pin is not strong enough to partially eject product. There is an obvious white color on front of product, as white ejector, also known as ejector nozzle.

50. What is a baked seal?

The marks left by a water entry point on surface of point during a dive are called burn marks.

51. What is a code boy?

The rail is a clamping tool, an overlay with a triangular inclined hole and a slot.

52. What is a cut?

Cutting refers to excessive cutting, that is, when processing blanks, those parts that do not need processing are also processed. Cutting is not good.

53. What is a school cup?

The front mold extends from position of inner row of mold opening.

54. What is a click of a tooth?

Cutting threads. Thread cutting is called tooth snapping.

55. When do you need to make a two-color form?

If product contains two different materials or different colors of same material, design a two-color mold.

56. What is mold design process in factory?

Customer provide product diagram→Product analysis→Plastic type confirmation→Mould material confirmation→Transfer to engineering drawing→Multiple shrinkage to achieve mirror image→Perfect assembly drawing→Mould embryo order→Mould core material order→ draft→3D separation→Define methodsprue/sprue → see structure layout diagram→delete inserts→correct 3D→technical drawing "Including: mold core/insert/mould base/parts"→make specification table→check and review

57. How many ways are there to extract from a form?

Smooth and strong shutdown

58. What are methods of applying glue?

Direct glue supply→overlap glue supply→side glue supply→circular glue supply→thin glue supply→submerged glue supply→spot glue supply→carob glue supply→fan-shaped glue supply.

59. What are forms of runners?

There are round guides → semi-circular guides → T-shaped guides → regular hexagonal guides.

60. Permanent guides and books for mold designers?

Steel books, plastic books, standard mold parts books.

61. What is function of a spring?

Rebound when used externally

62. Why do you need to draw a shape?

Prevent product from pulling out when demolded.

63. The function of screw and determining appropriate length?

It is mainly used for fastening and fixing, and corresponding length is usually 1.5 to 2 times diameter of screw.

64. How large is slope of slider and slope of inclined guide post?

The slope of slider is generally assumed to be 20 degrees, and slope of slant guide post is generally assumed to be 18 degrees.

65. What is function of cold feed well?

The function of cold billet well is to store a small portion of relatively low temperature plastic that first enters mold.

66. What is function of positioning ring?

The function of positioning ring is to ensure correct relative position between mold and injection molding machine.

67. Relative position of coordination?

There are three main types of fits: clearance fits, transition fits, and interference fits.

68. What is paste function?

Convenient processing, prevention of carbon deposits, easier polishing, saving materials, easier exhaust, easier replacement, and reduced number of machines to process.

69. What are hardness ratings?

Hardness indicates ability of a material to resist being pressed into its surface by hard objects. Commonly used hardness measures include Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness and Vickers hardness.

70. Is it possible to draw curved surfaces? Can you form a group? Can duvet be replaced?

Surfaces cannot be drawn, group faces can be drawn, and grouppy composite surfaces can be replaced.

71. What is difference between first angle method and third angle method?

① Any drawing method that places an object in first quadrant and projects a view with a relationship of {viewpoint} (observer) → (object) → (projection surface) is called first angle method, also known as first quadrant method.

② Any drawing method that places an object in third quadrant and projects view according to relation {viewpoint} (observer) → (projection surface) → (object) is called third angle method, also known as third angle method Method three quadrants.

Note: The difference between first corner drawing method and third corner drawing method is placement of article.

How to draw first corner: position left view to right, right view to left, top view to bottom, and so on...

How to draw third corner: put left view on left, right view on right, top view on top and so on...

Those who know these 79 Basic Injection Molding Knowledge should be injection molding experts.

72. How many ways are there to transport water?

Commonly used types of water transport: direct-flow, volumetric, water-pressure and spiral.

73. What is basic principle of three views?

Basic principles of three views: length is aligned, height is aligned, and width is same.

74. What are injection machines?

Separated by shape; car. That is, injection volume ranges from several milligrams to tens of kilograms, and according to clamping force it is divided into several tons to several thousand tons.

75. What is relationship between clamping force and holding force?

The clamping force of injection molding machine must be greater than clamping force, otherwise mold will open under pressure inside mold.

76. What are methods for positioning male and female forms?

There are two types of positioning methods for front and back molds, one is template positioning, other is mold core positioning.

77. What is appropriate wall thickness for commonly used plastics?

Suitable ABS wall thickness: 1.8-3mm, suitable PC wall thickness: 2-3.5mm, suitable POM wall thickness: 1.5-2.5mm, suitable NoryL wall thickness: 2 -3.5 mm< /p>

78. What is an overflow limit?

The overflow value indicates how many gaps the plastic product will overflow (i.e., rough edge). ABS overflow value: 0.04mm, PC overflow value: 0.06mm, pA overflow value: 0.015mm , POM suitable wall thickness: 0.04mm, PBT + 15% GR overflow value: 0.03mm, PBT + 30% overflow value: 002mm, PMMA overflow edge value: 0.065mm, PVC overflow value: 0.07mm , overflow value AS: 0.05 mm, overflow value ps: 0.05 mm, overflow value pp: 0.03 mm, overflow value PE: 0.02 mm.

79. How big is a standard photo frame?

Commonly used photo frames: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A0 photo frame size: 1189 x 841 m, A1 photo frame size: 841 x 594 mm, A2 photo frame size: 594 x 420 mm, A3 Photo frame size: 420 mm x 297 mm, A4 photo frame size: 297 mm x 210 mm