Summary of common plastic names and uses, understanding, waste plastic recycling and classification no help needed

Summary of common plastic names and uses, understanding, waste plastic recycling and classification no help needed

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Common names for plastic waste and their use in everyday life and production:

1. ABS resin is a copolymer of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, commonly referred to as ABS adhesive or heavy duty adhesive.

It is commonly used in electrical parts, electrical appliance cases, DVD player cases, car and motorcycle cases, etc.

2. Expanded polystyrene EPS, commonly called Styrofoam, Adhesive Foam, Styrofoam.

Polyfoam is widely used in everyday life, for packing various goods, insulating and decorative plates.

3. Polysilicone rubber, silicone rubber, we recyclers usually call it silica gel or rubber.

Commonly used for high temperature resistant parts such as conductive plastics, pressure cooker O-rings, etc.

Summary of common plastic names and uses, understanding, waste plastic recycling and classification no help needed

4. Ethylene vinyl acetate polymer EVA, commonly referred to as rubber rubber.

Water resistance, corrosion resistance, ease of processing, impact resistance, heat and sound insulation

It is often used in shoe soles, inflatable toys and packaging films.

5. FEP is a fluorinated polymer of ethylene and propylene obtained by copolymerization of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene. It is also more expensive plastic.

It is commonly used in some industrial machines as an easy-to-protect layer to protect parts that are resistant to high temperatures, and is rarely bought every day.

6. High density low pressure polyethylene HDPE.

Commonly used for packaging plastic bags, plastic bags, toys, pails, insulation shells, large cargo drums, various detergent containers, motor oil containers, etc.

7. HIPS475, a kind of high impact polystyrene, is commonly referred to as indestructible rubber and high impact hard rubber.

It is often used in toys, daily necessities, DVD cases and TV cases.

8. Low Density High Pressure Ethylene LDPE

Commonly used in films, tubular materials, packaging plastic bags, plastic bags, toys,

9. Polyester acid PA is commonly referred to as nylon material.

Commonly used in automotive fans, door handles, fuel tanks, air intake grilles, water tank covers, lamp holders, skate holders, textile shuttles, pedals, pulleys, power tool housings, gears, bearings, seat cushions, cams, fishing nets etc.

10, PP, polypropylene.

Commonly used in daily necessities, boxes, barrels, toys, water pipes, modified polypropylene, engineered polypropylene, car bumpers, etc.

11, polyarylate PAR,

Commonly used in some engine electronic parts, electrical enclosures, connectors, electrical bases, spark plugs, control switches.

12. Polyethylene terephthalate PBT also belongs to the polyester family.

Widely used in some electrical components, machine components, fuseless switches, electromagnetic switches, flyback transformers, home appliance handles, connectors

13, polycarbonate PC.

Commonly used in CDs, control switches, appliance enclosures, signal tubes, electrical enclosures, electrical components, coffee pots, calculator components, electrical components.

14. Polydiallyl phthalate PDAP or DAP.

Commonly used in wall coverings, roofing materials, electrical tapes.

Summary of common plastic names and uses, understanding, waste plastic recycling and classification no help needed

15. Polyethylene PE.

Commonly used in packaging materials, food utensils, containers, medicine bottles, buckets, plastic bags.

16. Poly(phenyleneetherketone) PEEK, related to benzene series,

Commonly used in connectors for engine parts and copiers.

Gears, valves, bearings, bearing bushes, piston rings

17. Polyethersulfone PES/PESF.

Commonly used in electrical components, circuit boards, plugs.

Water vapor valve connectors, drying caps, chamber parts.

18. PET polyethylene terephthalate, commonly referred to as polyester plastic.

Commonly used in soda bottles, ribbons, ribbons, camera negatives, food and beverage packaging

19, polyoxymethylene POM, formaldehyde.

It is commonly used in some door handle parts and electric window parts.

Parts for washing machines, juicers, timer components, improved insulation, gears, handles, springs, pulleys, sanitary fittings, screws, spring cams.

20. Polyoxyphenylene PPO.

It is often used in computers, physical machine cases, electronic components, electrical switches, etc.

21, PPS polyphenylene sulfide.

Commonly used in auto parts: valves, electronic control parts. Engine parts: chambers, connectors, coils.

22, PS polystyrene is commonly referred to as hard glue, ordinary hard glue.

Commonly used in: DVD player body, TV body, insulation, car tail light, refrigerator wall, shutters, thermal insulation material, sign soundproof material, ceiling, wall material.

Cups, toys, stationery, daily necessities, containers, various boxes, toothbrushes, combs, ballpoint pens.

23. The full name of PSF Gathering is Jufang.

Commonly used in electrical components: connectors, coils, PC substrates. Auto parts, insurance lines, lamps, electrical components. Precision machine parts, watch cases, watch parts, camera parts.

24. SAN - styrene, acrylonitrile polymer (AB adhesive, SAN material)

It is commonly used in beakers, cups with handles, bath accessories, ice buckets, salad bowls, and everyday serving trays. It is also used in car dashboard and headlight glass. It is widely used in packaging materials such as cosmetic boxes, lipstick sleeves, eyeliner cap bottles, caps, spray caps and nozzles.

Summary of common plastic names and uses, understanding, waste plastic recycling and classification no help needed

25. TPE is also called artificial rubber and synthetic rubber.

It is often used in some automotive materials, oil seals, pipelines, wire and cable insulation coatings, medical equipment, etc.

26. Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE is one of most expensive types of plastic.

Commonly used in some advanced insulation materials, insulating pipes, wires and electrical appliances.

27, PU or PUR polyurethane.

Commonly used in shoe soles, chair cushions, seat cushions, artificial leather, paints, cushioning materials, thermal insulation materials, synthetic leathers, adhesives, paints, bedding and bath sponges.

28, polyvinyl alcohol PVA.

Commonly used in synthetic fibers, adhesives, plastic sheathing.

29, PVCpolychloride, full name is polyvinyl chloride.

Commonly used in insulating sheathing, wire and pipe insulation materials, tapes, various water pipes, hoses, rigid pipes, window frames, plates, floors, roof decorative panels, etc.

That's all for today. I hope this basic information about names and uses of common plastic waste will help everyone. I also hope you have other opinions about plastic waste and recycling industry, please leave them in comments.

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