Talk about a little knowledge of "Zhenliang" plastic.

Talk about a little knowledge of

Plastic is very common around us. Plastic is found everywhere in our lives. While plastic carries many negative hazards, life cannot be separated from plastic. Proper use of this double-edged sword will do more good than harm. Having said that, how much do you know about plastic?

Plastic bottles can be seen everywhere on table and on ground, but did you know that clothes can be made from plastic bottles. Clothing made from dacron (now called polyester) may be unknown to some friends, but it was a hot commodity in our parents' era. The material used to make them is polyethylene terephthalate (PET), so they can be converted.

For example: as shown in fig. 1, white T-shirt and pants worn by Tokyo Olympic torchbearers to pass Olympic flame are made from recycled plastic bottles collected by The Coca-Cola Company.

Talk about a little knowledge of "Zhenliang" plastic.

Picture 1

There are also mobile phones that we have been seeing for a long time every day. The protective film of a mobile phone is also made of PET plastic.

Talk about a little knowledge of "Zhenliang" plastic.

Thus, importance of plastic in everyday life is once again confirmed.

Also, please note: for plastic bottles made from this material, risk of harmful substances leaching from material will increase at higher temperatures, so try not to use this type of hot water bottles, health is a priority. .

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